Visual Glass Enclosures


Visual Glass EnclosuresIt is a folding panel system securit glass, which slide individually through a single upper and lower guide, perimeter frameless.
The exterior features a clean and impact "zero" on the facade architectural line.
The individual movement and folding panels 90 allow easy cleaning and full or partial opening of the terrace.
Its sliding system and special design of the guides allows the fabrication irregular polygonal shapes.

Visual Glass EnclosuresApplications – For the closing of terraces and balconies on floors either downtown or apartments on the coast.
It is ideal for creating Verandas and Winter Gardens in penthouses and villas.
Also for closing entry porches. Very useful in the case of partitioning, separations areas or reservations at hotels and restaurants, and vestibules for performing entry in enclosures.

Visual Glass EnclosuresDimensions – Glass thickness 8 and 10 mm.
Width between panels 500 and 950 mm.
Height to 2500 mm y 3000 mm s / design.
Coupling a multitude of panels to the full length intended.
Rolling – System wear horizontal bidirectional guide only, silent, radial needle bearings, with locking folding the turn.
Slip articulated slide lower.
Both synthetic materials and Inoxidables.

Visual Glass EnclosuresCreased – At one or both ends of the enclosure where the blade is housed opening, that can be expected even as a gateway to commercial.
Regulation – The dimensions are very precise operation, therefore the upper guide can optionally be adjustable.
Vertically is provided a game control profiles (on the side opposite the fold) allowing adjustment in width of the enclosure.
Paneling – Crystals in 8 and 10 mm secured, colorless or tinted also are glued and fixed with nylon inserts and security screw.

Visual Glass EnclosuresAdvantage
Extend the season of use in balconies and terraces.
Fully integrated in facade aesthetics.
Execution possible in corners and special designs. Low maintenance.
Unique system that allows embed of the Guide.
Ability to provide access doors with key lock.