Pool Covers



  • Saving: Less maintenance cost
  • Security: Avoid unpleasant accidents
  • Quality: Using the best materials
  • Revaluation: Increase the value of your home

Optionally you can motorize your deck and heat your pool and extend the swimming season all year round.

With pool covers, the bathing season lasts the 365 day of the year. Because enjoying a fun bathroom is not just for summer times, Now if rain or cold you can have a pool cover practical and innovative design. Do not wait! Your pool will thank you forever.

Why not enjoy your pool all year round? From Aluminium Iluro available to offer our expertise in selling and installation of swimming pool, work that has enabled us to fulfill the dream of many customers: Prolong the life of your pool beyond the summer.

With an extensive line of pool covers, our team makes a commitment to innovation and its identity. Adapting to customer needs and always looking to evolve and surprise, the pool covers of Aluminis Iluro fail to exceed expectations by our commitment to quality staff, forefront security and.

Installing pool covers secure, Tailor innovative


Assembly pool decks in your garden not only give you more useful in this space, Cuyo use it normally limited to summer season. Aluminum Iluro In each of our pool covers offer maximum safety for little kids. Thereby, they enjoy their bathroom with confidence for you.

Do you spend many hours to keep your pool? Save time and money investing in one of our pool covers. Both pool covers models motorized, telescopic pool covers or flat, protect the water keeping them in peak condition. It's that simple!

It's time to get the most out of your pool. Say yes to pool covers and enjoy an incredible bathroom when you want.