Adjustable blinds


Here are some models of adjustable louvers to help in their welfare.


METALUNIC : Stackable Venetian blind. The most successful of all stackable. Its simple mechanism retracted within the side guides, makes infinitely durable. With little maintenance, can be made up to a width of 2,80 m., unsupported between strips, making it very slim. Adjustable to any height.

GRINOTEX: The strongest, designed to be applied in one piece to large widths (to 4 m.) The elevation using a steel chain, integrated within the guidelines gives it great strength, and the terminal or base profile extruded aluminum. Aluminum foils are joined together, by cable PVC coated steel. The sun, wind, the passage of time or mishandling not make a dent in this unbeatable product.

LAMISOL: The most popular. Their Z-shaped profile makes it unmistakable. For simplicity, easy handling, slender forms, frequently can be installed in offices, hospitals, schools and corporate buildings, and in homes across Europe. The MnAs imitated all Venetian. The junction between plates is made with textile elements (kevlar). Highly resistant to UV and weathering. Adjustable to any height.

LAMISTAR: Distinct. Their blades collected in the bottom of the opening, evolve up to the required height. Specially designed for office buildings, the laboratories, intensive use of computers and screens, avoid annoying reflections. Graduation and total closure at any height.

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Of course we can offer and advise on any special shutters and traditional ALUTHERMIC 45 (aluminum blind slat injected with standard thermal insulation polyurethane foam) and security LOCKING 45 (security shutters with aluminum extruded double wall with anti-lever) and of course the ubiquitous SUPERGRADHERMETIC.


Effective protection against heat in the summer.

The slats oriented allow air circulation between the façade and the blind, which acts as a refrigerator.

And solar radiation effects, just get inside in a very low percentage (15 %), The rest is reflected back to the outside.

It is an advantage over interior shutters, as solar effects on them if they come inside.

By this principle, energy saving in HVAC is considerable