Somfy is the reference brand in automation systems for home with more of 40 years of experience around the world.

Every day, 400 Somfy engineers invent new ways to experience comfort and safety in the home.

In the same way, each year is created approximately 400 patents thanks to our desire to innovate, making it easier for you to life. For example, the application of domotics TaHoma Somfy ® to control all appliances in the home over the Internet at the touch of a button.

Somfy guarantees maximum reliability, When it comes to your safety and comfort, There is no place for the loose ends.. All Somfy Products, especially the resistance of the motor, they are tested and proven in the most extreme conditions to provide a guarantee of long-lasting professional clients: 5 years for engines, automations and accessories. Contact us to know the extent of the warranty of your systems.

Electric awnings they are made solutions as they must be installed by a professional. Aluminums Iluro is Installer certificate of Somfy, We will help you to decide and we will take care of the complete installation.

Shutters fully sealed isolated houses and apartments at the heat and noise. Installed with rigid antielevacion joints to prevent possible raids. When they are closed, blinds guarantee a total darkness. With the inclined slats, las persianas filtran la luz del sol.

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