Ceilings Mobile

TECHO MOVIL. Mobile coverage sunroom is designed to offer functionality and safety, while is able to respond to the demands of most applications. Such coverage has become a true and proper construction system for new spaces, in order to get large areas and original solutions to the forefront of new trends.


Structure: Made with structural profiles in thick aluminum. With beams / rails autoportantes, subject to a wall and front metal lintel.

Paneling: The plates for this version are light (Polycarbonate, Sandwich glass 3+3 mm.). May be 2 a 5 plates, by Street, output depending on the flight or having coverage ; always 1 and the other fixed plate collected under this. The maximum output is 6,80 m., with maximum thickness of plate 16 mm.

Important Features: Motorized supplied, with the remote control, in manual (only until 3 plates for street, glassless), detectors can be connected to close depending on weather conditions.


Structure: Expected major glass lights, built large section beams, Front headroom with water collection channel and, optionally, supporting pillars.

Paneling: For crystals, Maximum panel thickness is 24 mm. The roofs are 2 a 3 plates for street, depending on the flight.

Important Features: Work with motor mechanism and the maximum output is 6 meters. From 3,5 m. the profiles are reinforced with steel interiorly. There is also a thermal cut version.