Awning curtains

STOR BASIC: System exclusive sunscreen balconies have railing and installation can be made just above it. It has two positions

Normal anchor: In this position the sheet performs a movement in semicircle 50 cm. From the Barandilla, which allows us to adjust its position to your liking.

Security lock: Recommended for windy day and instability because it allows a strong tension that prevents tissue causing breakage lurch.

BC BASIC: Curved arm: Widely used system for sunscreen windows due to small footprint when folded. Unroll a semicircle to reach 180 degrees from its position when it is folded. This system is the safest due to its simplicity of moving and handling

BC BASIC 1000 And 2000: System adaptable to all kinds of balconies, terraces lined up 4 m. and outputs 3,5 m. It is the only system that allows you to adjust the tilt to your preference. Its operation is very simple and automated. With a crank motion or pressing a button (with motor) allows operation does not require anchors. Supports all kinds of automation from the conventional engine to the installation of an intelligent system that controls the output of the sun or strong winds.

BI BOX 1000 And 2000: A refined appearance and soft features enliven the chest invisible system ideal for covering up 5 m to output line 3 m. It works flawless and perfect finish folding and stretching every day desbancan Basic system, in places where the awning needs a weather protection.

PODS CORREDERO: Ideal for covering large terraces, lines up 6 m. and 6 m. output without requiring that the awning has tilt. This data is by crimping since not wound on a bar as the other systems sunscreen. The system is billed as the most robust to cover large areas, fixed structure except

INTERIOR CURTAIN: New concept which refers to sunscreen since due to the versatility that gives us fabrics fiberglass screen and large absorption of heat offers a degree of inner well hitherto unimaginable. Your drive may be to crank or motorized, ya sea with the push button remote control. For any other sunscreen project feel free to consult our sales which will guide them on various systems and new.